Why you should care about Taylor Swift’s next move

Taylor Swift


It’s 2017, so you probably already have an belief on Taylor Swift.

No one has been written about more; had every move wondered, every acquaintance investigated. She didn’t speak out fairly about national elections! She participated a eatery with a serviceman! She didn’t have a Fourth of July party this past summer, and nothing less than a dozen essays were written about that fact.

Not as spoken about, however, is how damn smart she is. Pass or take a Beyonce, she’s arguably the more popular artist on countries around the world( and her marketings crowds, for the record, humble Queen Bey’s .) You don’t become a world-famous sound idol by accident, of course, but her concoction of passion, foresight and media savvy are perfectly suited for this moment in time with its 24/7 word round and #takes and social media.

Swift, a student of prominence who told GQ in 2015 that she used to watch Behind the Music “every day, ” searching for disgraces and where people went wrong, is well aware of these facts. Her Kim and Kanye feud/ bad press from last year is so fascinating not just because it appeared, but because a stumble like that made so damn long to follow. Girl had a near 10 -year run of flattering word, basically unheard of in the modern senility, amassing an military of devotees and supporters.

So, fronting some pushback for the first time in her busines, what happened? She evaporated, studied up and storied. And now? I can only hope that like the snake in the videos she’s been razzing on social media all week, she’s removed her scalp and is ready to begin anew, stronger and more powerful than ever.

Swift announced on Instagram Wednesday that her new recording is announced Reputation and dang if she doesn’t look like someone straight out of fucks to render.

The snake videos and album plow point to the status of women who has discovered some denunciation, is owning it, and might be ready to get a little real. Recall that during the course of its Kim kerfuffle, people were affixing the snake emoji on Taylor’s instagram — and it wasn’t a commendation. It’s no secret that wizards, particularly dames, are held to impossible touchstones. Just because Swift is typically so good at implementing those penalise requirements- ever grateful, smiling, and girl-next-door attractiveness- doesn’t compile them any less tariffing.

That’s why it was a such a goddamn satisfaction to realize a view of the involved, real person or persons many suspect may be underneath the perfectly curated Instagram photographs. The woman who reverted her back catalogue to Spotify the same day her nemesis Katy Perry secreted an album earlier this summer isn’t the nicest girlfriend in city, but she sure as fuck is fascinating. I want to grab a beverage with that female.

My dream is that they find themselves peeks behind the curtain of a strong bride who is ready to loosen a bit, cast off the seriously biased word “relatable, ” and lean in . em>

There is a moment during her 1989 World Tour, while she sings “Wildest Dreams” while dallying forte-piano, where she turned to the audience and demonstrated a big ol’ exaggerated glimmer after singing the lyric, “His entrust are in my whisker, his drapes are in my room.” The gathering chuckled deliberately. It’s one of the most memorable minutes of the concert because, contrived or not, it felt like a funny comment on the constant gues about her making love. “Can you believe this shit? “

A more off-the-cuff Swift was also on display during her recent legal woes. Not to be rude about what I’m sure was a difficult personal experience, but from the outside, reading about how she brushed off the defense attorney’s sexist and victim blame-y interrogates like they were a annoying flea she was deigning to deal with( “The only person who would have a direct seeing route is someone laying underneath my hem and we didn’t have anyone orientation there”) experienced entitling and fresh.

Sure, there’s no way to know for sure whether these events are her own moments of exasperation, perfectly normal bad daylights, or, yes, merely coincidences. But my dream is that they are peeks behind the curtain of a strong lady who is ready to unwind a little bit, cast off the terribly unfair term “relatable, ” and lean in . em> Love have now ascertained some of the fissures in the armor during her numerous dirt ups. She’s not the girl next door. She’s Taylor Swift, y’all. She makes enormous music, fees an conglomerate, and seems to be living her better life. Bend the knee.

bow down, haters


She dallied the game perfectly to get to the top; now that she’s there, I hope that — like Beyonce has the last couple times — she gets to more or less opt out of the renown activity, shake it off, and build some honest art, nonetheless that certifies. Magazine article? No thank you very much. Goofy late nighttime appearance? Not if she doesn’t find it amusing. Who’s she dating? Some hot dudes. Resentful often?

Obviously, the public persona that got her from small town girlfriend to country virtuoso to pop supernova will probably continue to work just fine, throw or take some snarky tweets from people whose mind she doesn’t need to worry about. And maybe that’s what’s projected. Perhaps the head single will be a kickass adore anthem, and Swift will start communicating offerings to Tumblr fans and morning demoes will fawn. But, ugh, think up the possibilities if she got merely a few cases severities darker and returned devotees more peeks behind the disguise of perfection. Who the hell is the exact person or persons at 27 that they were when they were 16? The bad parties we knew in high school. Result of list. Swift’s advanced. Demo it.

The singer has said that her long-term destination as an craftsman is to surprise , not appall . We now know that a brand-new single will sag this Friday, signaling the opening up of a brand-new period in their own lives as a public superstar. Here’s hoping the status of women behind the music determined on shore a few cases good astounds in this new age.

Wouldn’t that be something to talk about?

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