RBF #1 -Quick Green Juice – Low Glycemic

Hello Juicy Peeps! When you want to get your day started right and a nice jolt of energy there’s nothing like a nice powerful green juice to start off your day and once you get used to making juices you can be in and out of the kitchen within ten minutes! I remember when I first started juicing it would take me twenty or thirty minutes to prepare my produce, wash the produce, juice, clean the juicer, etc. Nowadays I’m in and out of the kitchen super-fast and everything in the kitchen looks just the same as when I started… so fresh and so clean! Today’s green juice was really good and the best part is that it was relatively low on the sugar! Brother Echo has been making it a point to go the low glycemic route since I started this battle with candida. INGREDIENTS: 1 bunch parsley 1 bunch green kale 2 peppers 2 stocks of celery 1 granny smith apple 1/2 lemon 3 T chlorophyll Of course you could also add in a nice piece of ginger to spice things up a little more. If I had walked out to the garden I could of grabbed a cucumber that would of also been a nice addition. This juice is very tasty and very refreshing definitely a great recipe to start off your morning. Until next time, Peace, Love, Unity and Respect! -Brother Echo


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