Everyone is freaking out about this Trump tweet from 2013

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Theres an old President Trump tweet for every occasion, and World War III is no objection.

Be devised, there is a small chance that our ghastly lead could unknowingly head us into World War III, Trump tweeted four years ago.

The 2013 tweet concluded the rounds on Twitter again this week after Barack Obamas onetime conductor of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics mistakenly thought it was a recent post.

If anything, its frightening predicting on Trumps part. The director peril North Korea with fire and fury in a statement Tuesday, responding to reports that the country has successfully produced a miniature thermonuclear weapon that can fit inside its weapons.

Hours eventually, a North Korean news report said the countrys military is examining the operational plan to impress orbits around the U.S. subject of Guam with cruise missile.

Twitter responded to Trumps 2013 tweet, which is a little too on the nose for 2017, with general anxiety.

Even as the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attempted to downplay the threats of nuclear war, Trump took to Twitter again Wednesday to boast about the force of the U.S. storehouse.

Hopefully we will never have to use this ability, Trump lent.

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