How to Sell on Amazon – The Best Kept Secrets Learn some of the best kept secrets of selling online in marketplaces like Learn to avoid the mistakes I made when starting a business online and turbo-charge your business by jumping ahead of the competition. I started out like most with a good education, but I wondered what I really wanted to do as a profession. I got a job at one of the big 4 accounting firms, and soon found out that I did not like boring work! Boring work meant a boring paycheck. I wanted something that would grow much faster than a simple year end review and raise. If I worked harder and smarter during the month, I wanted it to pay off then. I decided to start a business selling physical products online, and now make my full time income selling products online from my own website and in marketplaces like Amazon. To learn more, visit my website and sign up for the free newsletter that will help you learn how I make a living selling products of my own as well as a reseller of others products. http
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