How to Say “Cheers” or Makes a Toast | Polskieserers Lesson

Date: 2018-01-19 20:00:06

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How to Say “Cheers” or to MAKE a Toast.

This is one of the most Polski Phrase and a lot of people say if you can say this phrase, you’re Polski.

So you say lat. easy. lat. lat. Go Give it a try.


There’s also a you Canst learn. lat lat … but, we’ll go OVER next time. Nice job.

To say “Congrats”, you say grah-too-la-tc-yea. Grah-too-la-tc-yea. Grah-too-la-tc-yea.

So, to break it down: [phonetically] grah too lah seeyah. Seeyah. Grah-too-la-tc-yea. Go , Give it a try.

Great. Grah-too-la-tc-yea!

That’s how to say “Cheers”.