A 1993 ‘Game of Thrones’ pitch contains some eye-opening clues

Image: HBO

Before you read any further: SPOILER ALERT .

Seriously. I’m going to talk about George R.R. Martin’s 1993 pitch for Game of Thrones , and the end of the story as it relates to a specific laid of attributes ones that we all know and principally enjoy is pretty well planned out.

First, a little record is in order: the three-page lurch word surfaced in 2015 as a series of photos shared on a Twitter account belonging to British volume retailer, Waterstones. The tweets were then removed, but not before Reddit user TheNextRobin grabbed the images and shared them.

The same day the photos appeared on Reddit, Variety wrote a story about it. This was on Feb. 4, 2015, exactly a few months before Season 5 kicked off. It was a much younger floor then, with many more apparently principal characters that went on to die during the season.

Now, as the penultimate Season 7 hurricanes toward its conclusion and love are starting to feel like they are unable foresee an terminating, the note has once again resurfaced. And while much of what Martin had storied out in 1993 has since changed in both the books and HBO’s series, one part stands out: the specific characteristics he watches enduring until the end.

It’s important to notation a few cases thoughts before we get into that. First, this dollop of verse, from the letter’s second paragraph :P TAGEND

As you know, I don’t outline my tales. I find that if I know exactly where a book is going, I lose all interest in writing it. I do, however, have some strong notions as to the overall design of the storey I’m telling, and the eventual fate of many of the principle attributes in the drama.

The text of the note suffers that statement out. Many of the plot stations in the degree note have been changed or removed. Martin’s original see included an Arya/ Jon Snow love story( I KNOW ), a Joffrey/ Sansa newborn( ew ), Robb Stark falling in engagement( lol no ), and Tyrion burning Winterfell to the ground( wut ).

It’s important to keep in mind, however: all of the scenarios described in the predating paragraph are story qualities . It’s common among scribes for the purposes of the ideas to shifting as an original sketch hurtles against the actuality of the inventive process.

Underlying themes and notions, on the other hand, are less malleable. And that’s where this other slice of verse from the note becomes vitally important :P TAGEND

The cast will not ever remain the same. Old references will die, and new ones will be introduced. Some of the fatalities will include supportive attitude references. I require the book to feel that no one is ever completely safe , not even the specific characteristics who seem to be the protagonists. The uncertainty ever ratchets up a notch when you know that any person can die at any time.

That unpredictability Martin notes has been a constant throughout the series, in both the books and the HBO bouts. One of the same reasons beings adoration Game of Thrones so much is its willingness to delete beloved attributes in the name of providing a larger story.

With all of that important situation out of the way, we are in a position arise and look at what may be “the worlds largest” telling section of Martin’s pitch: his dream for who are capable of survive this story. I’m going to say it again: SPOILER ALERT .

All five of these people are still very much alive in the HBO streak :P TAGEND

Five central characters will make it through all three volumes, nonetheless, germinating from children to adults and changing the world and themselves in the process. In a sense, my trilogy is almost a generational narrative, telling the life stories of these five personas, three men and two women. The five leading player are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and three of the family of Winterfell, Arya, Bran, and the crook Jon Snow.

Don’t read this and think “OMG SANSA IS DOOMED.” Maybe that list has expanded to include a sixth, and it’s her. Perhaps, at some pitch, Martin swapped Arya or Bran or something out of that index and swapped in Sansa.

Hell, perhaps they’re all “re gonna die” horribly for the purposes of the mash of undead White Walker and the line will end on a most suitable down greenback. There’s no way of knowing.

But Game of Thrones thoughts are always enjoyable to kick around and this letter effectively comes from the story’s “ground zero.” Martin’s earliest suggestions for what the series could be may well contain the most potent evidences as to where it’s headed.

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